Claymore Remote Manager Download (Windows version only)

September 5, 2021


Version V4.0
Size 4 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

Claymore Remote for Managing Mining

Claymore Remote Manager is designed to support remote monitoring and management via JSON protocol over raw TCP / IP sockets. The program enables to get recent console text lines via HTTP. If you’ve decided to use Claymore Remote Manager, start with the “EthMan.exe” file. You can run this software only on Windows versions. You can use built-in help to get more info. You can check up the “API.txt” file if you need to see more details about protocol.

Claymore Remote Manager

The main features of Remote Manager

The program is user friendly. It requires no special skills. The main feature of Claymore Remote Manager is monitoring and management. The program monitors hashrates, GPUs temperature, fan speeds, current pool names, etc. What concerns management, it includes the following operations: restart miners, apply “epools.txt”, “dpools.txt” and “config.txt” files. In addition, the Claymore Remote Manager tool is a simple webserver.

Claymore Remote Manager

How to use Claymore Remote Manager?

There’s nothing difficult in configuring the program. First, click the button “Add Miner” on the bottom left. There you should input some information, and click OK. One more thing to note. Claymore Remote Manager does not rely on the hostname of the machine. Thus, you need to input the IP address of your mining machine. Before you use such kind of programs, it’s highly recommended to create a reservation. If you have DHCP configured on your network or your router, you should either create a reservation or simply use a static IP address on your mining machines. When configuration is over, you get your info in front of you. In the contextual menu you can perform configuration elements and management tasks.

Useful links: – here you can read developer’s comments on the program – the source file from GitHub: 


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