Tool to recover password and wallet source code

BTCRecover is an open-source Bitcoin wallet password recovery tool. It allows users to recover lost or forgotten passwords for their Bitcoin wallet files, which can be crucial if they need to access their funds but cannot remember their password.

BTCRecover uses a dictionary attack to try different combinations of words and phrases until it finds the correct password. It can also generate its own wordlists based on patterns in the user’s previous passwords or other information they provide.

BTCRecover can work with a variety of wallet file formats, including Electrum, MultiBit, Armory, Bitcoin Core, and more. It can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS, and can be used on a command-line interface.

While BTCRecover can be a powerful tool for recovering lost Bitcoin wallet passwords, it is important to use it responsibly and securely. Users should take care to protect their recovered passwords and keep their wallet files and recovery seeds secure.

How to use BTCRecover

  • Install Python: Before installing BTCRecover, you need to install Python 3.6 or later version.
  • Download and install BTCRecover: Once you have installed Python, you can download the BTCRecover package from the official GitHub page. Unzip the package to a suitable location on your computer.
  • Create a wallet: Before you can start using BTCRecover, you need to create a wallet file in the Bitcoin Core client. The wallet file must be encrypted with a passphrase.
  • Configure BTCRecover: To use BTCRecover, you need to create a configuration file that specifies the parameters of the wallet file you want to recover. Open the BTCRecover folder and create a new file called config.ini.
  • Run BTCRecover: Open a command prompt window, navigate to the BTCRecover folder, and enter the command “python” BTCRecover will prompt you to enter the path to the configuration file you created in step 4.
  • Wait for the recovery process to complete: Depending on the complexity of your passphrase and the length of your wordlist, the recovery process could take several hours or even days. Once BTCRecover has finished, it will display a message indicating whether it was successful in recovering your wallet file.

It is important to note that BTCRecover is a powerful tool that should be used with caution. If used improperly, it could lead to irreversible loss of funds. It is recommended that you consult with an experienced cryptocurrency recovery specialist before attempting to use BTCRecover.

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