Privacy Policy

What information does BITTENTION gather about you, and how does it utilize that information?

Find out in our privacy policy.

Information is current as of May 24, 2024.

About Us

We are BITTENTION, an IT and Crypto consulting software firm with over hundreds of employees worldwide. Our headquarters are in the New Zealand. Our website serves as the virtual representation of our organization and is accessible to you when you read this article. Our top priority is providing you with a satisfying experience while you explore our website. We strive to present content that may pique your interest, address any questions or concerns you may have quickly, and keep the website running smoothly so you don’t get frustrated. Your generous support, in the form of the information you voluntarily provide us, is essential to making this happen. Meanwhile, we take the privacy of our users very seriously and know that personal information is a delicate issue. Our goal in crafting this privacy policy was to allay your concerns by covering all the bases when it comes to how we handle your personal information.

Individual Details That We Gather

BITTENTION gathers information so that you can provide us direct feedback about our services. We collect some of this information directly from you when you use our contact forms (e.g., to ask for help or leave a comment on an article), QLEAN download, Office 365 migration calculator, Contact, and Contact us. By utilizing technology such as cookies, as well as obtaining error reports or usage statistics from software on your device, we are able to gather some data.

Third parties also provide us with data. Data collected from third parties is safeguarded in accordance with the procedures outlined in this statement, in addition to any further regulations set forth by the data’s original source. This list of third parties may change over time, however at the moment it includes:This section describes the service providers who enable us to personalize some products based on your location by determining your IP address.

Companies that we work with to provide co-branded services or to run joint marketing campaigns.Publicly accessible resources, including freely accessible government databases and other publicly-domain material.

The data we gather is customizable. You have the option to deny requests for personal information. However, you can miss out on a service, feature, or feedback opportunity if you opt not to share some data that is essential to its delivery.

Type of Data We Gather

Here are some examples of the kind of data we may gather:Name and contact details. Your full name, email address, phone number, and business name are some of the pieces of contact information that we gather.

Statistics on population composition. Your country and language preference are among the personal details we gather.

Data collected from websites. The way you navigate the BITTENTION website is one piece of data that we gather. As an illustration, we gather:Information on your browsing habits, including the pages you view and the amount of time you spend on each.

Setup information. When you visit our website, we log information about the network you used to get here. As part of this, your IP address is considered.

Data on performance and reports on errors. Information on issues you encounter while using our services is recorded. We are able to better identify issues and propose solutions with the use of this data. Details of the software or hardware involved, the files you were working on when the error happened, the type and severity of the problem, and information about other applications on your device are all things that might be included in error reports, depending on your browser settings and environment.

Troubleshooting and Help Data. Data pertaining to you and your software, hardware, and other incident-related facts is collected in the event that BITTENTION is involved in troubleshooting and assistance. Details regarding the machine and application state at the time of the fault and during diagnostics, as well as information regarding software installations and hardware configurations stored in the system and registry, as well as your contact information and the content of any conversations you had with BITTENTION, are all part of this data set.

It has come to our attention that the description field of a CONTACT-US form is a potential entry point for personally identifiable information (PII) that we do not need, such as financial details. Aside from keeping it on our backup server, we will not utilise this information for anything else. Do not provide us with any personally identifiable information until we specifically ask for it.

We do not intentionally gather information about children or private individuals on our website. Review, modify, or request deletion of your child’s personal data; parents can even withdraw consent choices made earlier.

Additionally, we may obtain personal information from publicly available sources or third parties that have your permission to share it with us.

The Reasons behind Our Data Collection

Sending communications (including promotional communications), advertising, evaluating website visitor statistics, improving user experience, and technical website problems are some of the reasons BITTENTION collects data.

As part of these efforts, we will notify you of matters you have requested that we notify you of, get in touch with you if further information is required, verify the accuracy of our records, and periodically assess your level of satisfaction. We are not in the business of renting or trading email lists.However, we have taken technical and operational steps to prevent data leaks and protect privacy. We store your name, email address, phone number, and firm name in a secure database.

You can also subscribe to email lists and choose how BITTENTION sends promotional messages—email, SMS, postal, or phone calls.

Data Sharing Purpose

Your details will be sent to our Development Center for response. Besides the reasons listed, our Development Center must follow our data privacy and security standards. BITTENTION and the Development Center have an agreement outlining their responsibilities to secure your personal data.

We reasonably believe accessing, transferring, disclosing, or maintaining personal data is essential to:

Comply with the law or a government or law enforcement request.Protect our clients from spam, fraud, and death or serious injury in emergencies.Protect BITTENTION’s interests, including service rule enforcement.If third-party agents handle personal data in a way that violates these principles, we will be held liable unless we can prove we are not responsible for the harm.BITTENTION does not regulate the privacy practices of third parties whose products are linked on select internet pages. Your personal information will be used according to their privacy policies.

Your Legal Rights

You can access, change, or delete our personal data:

Contact us to find out what information we have about you or who has access to it.You can request that we update or correct erroneous, incomplete, or outdated personal information at no cost.We send promotional emails and texts with an unsubscribe link. This decision does not influence mandatory service communications.You can revoke your data processing consent at any time.Update or delete your personal information here.Our data protection officer, can be reached at “Email ID”. We respond to requests to access or remove personal data within 30 days.

Technologies Related to Cookies

In order to run our online services and gather data, BITTENTION makes use of technologies like cookies, which are little text files stored on your device. A cookie’s text may include anything from a string of letters and numbers that identify your machine to more specific details.

There are a number of reasons why we employ cookies and similar technology, such as:Security. To prevent unauthorized use of our services and identify fraudulent activity, we employ cookies.Data storage on an online platform. We use a cookie to remember the information you’ve entered when you fill out a form.

The primary objective of establishing cookies is to collect statistical information about our website.

A Guide to Managing Cookies

In most browsers, you have the option to disable cookies.Alternatives to These TechnologiesWe may also use other comparable technologies to store and read data files on your computer, in addition to ordinary cookies. The usual reason for doing this is to store specific files locally, which improves speed and performance. Both of these technologies, like regular cookies, can retain a unique identifier for your computer and thereafter be used to track your behaviour. “Flash cookies” and Local Shared Objects are two examples of such technologies.

Warning to Final Consumers

It is the intention of BITTENTION to provide its services to businesses. The policies of your organization, if any, may govern your usage of BITTENTION’s website. Please contact your organization’s administrator with any questions or concerns regarding your privacy regarding your usage of BITTENTION’s website. The privacy and security policies of our customers are not the responsibility of BITTENTION and may differ from what is stated here.

Anyone with ownership of the domain (your workplace, for example) linked to your email address may access and process your data, including the contents of your messages and files, if you use an email account given by an organization with which you are affiliated, like a school or job.

Data Security Measures We Take

To prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of your personal information, we implement a number of security measures. For instance, we use secure, password-protected servers in a climate-controlled environment to keep the personally identifiable information you supply.

How Long Will the Data Be Kept?

For as long as it takes to fulfil your service and feedback requests, as well as other important reasons like meeting legal requirements or fulfilling our agreements, BITTENTION will keep your personal data. The actual retention durations could change from one data category to another due to these requirements. To establish the retention periods, the following criteria are considered:Does the data pertain to a particularly delicate area? In that case, a retention period of up to five years is usually sufficient.

Is BITTENTION obligated to keep the data by law, contract, or some other means? Data that must be kept for reasons of litigation, investigations, or government mandates to do so are some examples of data that is required to be kept.

Methods for Revising This Privacy Statement

Whenever we see the need to change the terms of this privacy statement or incorporate consumer feedback, we will do so. The statement’s “last updated” date will be updated whenever we make changes to it. We will either email you a direct notice or publish a notice in a conspicuous location before the changes take effect to let you know if there are significant changes to the statement.

Get in Touch with Us

Please contact data-protection-office via email if you have any questions, complaints, or concerns regarding data privacy. Within 30 days, you can expect a response.