EnTech Taiwan’s PowerStrip unlocks sophisticated display settings and capabilities beyond regular graphics drivers. It lets users precisely customize and optimize display settings by controlling monitor factors including resolution, refresh rate, color depth, and more.

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Key considerations

PowerStrip is a versatile and powerful display optimization and modification tool that gives users unmatched control over monitor settings and graphics performance. PowerStrip has several features and functions to improve your display experience, whether you’re a gamer, graphic designer, or enthusiast.

Features and functionality:

PowerStrip offers extensive display optimization and customization tools for gamers, content makers, professionals, and hobbyists.

  1. Controlling Resolution and Refresh Rate: PowerStrip offers unprecedented display resolution and refresh rate versatility. PowerStrip lets users customize display settings to their hardware and tastes, such as unlocking custom resolutions or overclocking refresh rates for smoother gaming.
  2. Color correcting and calibration: Graphic designers, photographers, and video editors need correct color reproduction. PowerStrip’s powerful color calibration tools let users fine-tune color temperature, gamma, and color channels for perfect color accuracy and consistency among screens.
  3. Manage Multiple Monitors: Multi-monitor systems are easier to manage and configure using PowerStrip. Its straightforward settings for display placement, orientation, and resolution scaling ensure seamless integration and ideal screen real estate across numerous monitors.
  4. Custom timing parameters PowerStrip lets users customize display timing parameters for advanced refresh rate and pixel clock synchronization and optimization. This option is important for optimizing compatibility with legacy screens or high-resolution systems that default settings may not support.
  5. Performance Monitoring: PowerStrip provides real-time GPU use, temperature, and clock speed monitoring in addition to display customization. Users can monitor hardware performance indicators and discover system performance bottlenecks with this functionality.

PowerStrip enhances visual performance and precision for gamers, multimedia creators, and productivity.

The Importance of PowerStrip:

PowerStrip is valuable for display performance and visual quality optimization. PowerStrip is popular among gamers, pros, and fans because:

  • Improved Gaming Experience: PowerStrip unlocks greater refresh rates and resolutions for smoother gameplay and less motion blur. Overclocking refresh rates offers ultra-responsive gameplay with low input lag, providing gamers an edge in fast-paced multiplayer games.
  • Professional-grade Display Calibration: Graphic designers, photographers, and video producers need correct color representation. Advanced color calibration tools from PowerStrip ensure consistent and true-to-life color reproduction across screens, essential for content development and editing workflows.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Multitasking, content creation, and data analysis benefit from PowerStrip’s multi-monitor management capabilities, which optimize display settings and workspace organization. Monitor layouts, resolutions, and scaling can be adjusted to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Legacy Hardware Compatibility: PowerStrip extends the life of legacy displays and graphics hardware by offering compatibility and optimization features that standard drivers may lack. Users with older displays or graphics cards can use PowerStrip to optimize performance and compatibility to extend hardware life.


Users looking to maximize their displays and graphics hardware will benefit from PowerStrip. Resolution and refresh rate customization, color calibration, multi-monitor management, and performance monitoring allow users to tailor their display experiences to their needs.

PowerStrip unlocks the full potential of displays and provides ideal visual experiences across various usage scenarios with its versatile display control tools, color calibration capabilities, and support for niche applications and specific use cases. As display technologies advance and user expectations become more sophisticated, PowerStrip leads display management software, giving users the tools they need to improve performance, precision, and creativity.