ATI Tray Tools (ATT) is a powerful tweaking and monitoring utility for ATI Radeon graphics cards. Despite its moniker, it supports AMD and ATI Radeon GPUs. ATI Tray Tools, originally intended to add functions to Catalyst Control Center (now Radeon Software), has become a customization and optimization powerhouse.

ATI Tray Tools Screenshot

Important Considerations

Games and graphics performance optimization fans are always looking for techniques to push their gear. ATI/AMD graphics card users love Ray Adams’ utility software ATI Tray Tools. This flexible application has several capabilities to improve user experience and maximize ATI Radeon GPU performance. ATI Tray Tools can improve your graphics experience.

Common Features

Some important features of ATI Tray Tools are as follows:

  1. Overclocking: ATI Tray Tools is popular for its overclocking features. It lets users adjust GPU core and memory frequencies, voltage, and fan speeds to boost performance. Overclockers optimise graphics cards for gaming and rendering.
  2. Monitoring: Monitoring GPU temperature, CPU clock, memory utilization, and fan speed is vital for system stability and performance. Real-time monitoring of key metrics by ATI Tray Tools lets users make informed decisions while pushing their hardware to the maximum.
  3. Profile Management: With ATI Tray Tools, users can establish custom profiles for certain apps or usage circumstances. Switching profiles easily improves flexibility and ease when customizing settings for gaming, video editing, or regular usage.
  4. Additional Tweaking: ATI Tray Tools includes many additional tweaking options beyond overclocking and monitoring. Graphics settings are customizable, from DirectX settings to V-Sync and Triple Buffering to texture filtering and anti-aliasing.
  5. Hotkeys and Macros: ATI Tray Tools lets users assign hotkeys and macros to perform activities, streamlining productivity and improving accessibility. Users may easily switch profiles, modify clock speeds, and take screenshots with programmable hotkeys.

ATI Tray Tools offers features to edit pixel and vertex shades, allowing for further graphics customization.

Why ATI Tray Tools?

The ATI Tray Tools app has an easy user interface and simple navigation, making it suitable for all skill levels.

  • Performance Optimization: By accessing extensive tweaking and overclocking capabilities, ATI Tray Tools lets users maximize ATI/AMD Radeon GPU performance. This tool can assist gamers and video creators obtain greater frame rates and faster rendering times.
  • Versatility and customisation: ATI Tray Tools offers unmatched versatility and customisation unlike generic GPU management programs. User control over their visual environment allows them to customize their experience by defining application profiles and fine-tuning graphics settings.
  • Community Support: ATI Tray Tools has a loyal community that shares tips, tricks, and custom profiles. This dynamic community provides useful resources and help, improving user experience.
  • Legacy Support: AMD Radeon Software offers many capabilities and optimizations, however some users prefer ATI Tray Tools for older systems or specialized use scenarios. Users of all generations benefit from the tool’s legacy GPU compatibility.


ATI Tray Tools is a sophisticated graphics card administration and optimization tool with many capabilities to improve performance, customization, and control. ATI Tray Tools lets you maximize your ATI/AMD Radeon GPU, whether you’re an overclocker, gamer, or content developer. Users looking to improve their visual experience will find ATI Tray Tools useful because to its comprehensive feature set, intuitive UI, and active community support.

With its lightweight footprint, intuitive interface, and active community support, ATI Tray Tools is a staple of the enthusiast graphics community, letting users push their gaming and multimedia experiences.