Windows 11 has been making efforts to transition users to its platform since the summer of 2022. However, for those who have grown fond of Windows 10 and are reluctant to switch to the “raw” OS, Microsoft has introduced something new and innovative. Six months ago, the first functional update called “Moments” was released, and in March of this year, developers presented another update called Moment 2. Keeping the suspense around updates is challenging as Windows Insiders have already tested the innovations and provided feedback for improvement. So, what does the updated system have in store?

Tabbed Interface and Snipping Tool

Firstly, a Snipping Tool screen recording tool has been introduced. Perhaps the developers aim to encourage users to abandon third-party software and capture their market share, but the functionality of the tool is quite limited, with no recording settings available.

Advanced Chatbot and Notepad Tabs

Secondly, Bing now features an advanced chatbot based on ChatGPT, providing users with an interactive conversation experience. Additionally, the Notepad application has added tabs, allowing users to store and manage multiple notes simultaneously. These changes are among the most significant and prominent in Moment 2, alongside other enhancements such as expanded voice control support, new widgets, improved Braille font support, and more.

“Recommendation Files” for Windows Insiders

After the release of the functional update, Windows Insiders received a new test build featuring the “Recommendation Files” feature. This feature works when the user is logged into their Azure Active Directory account. It is likely aimed at corporate users and provides recommendations for files shared by colleagues or owned by the user. Whether this recommendation system will make it to the final build or fade away remains unknown.

It’s worth noting that a major update called Windows 11 23H2 is expected to be released in the fall of 2023, bringing new features, improvements, and bug fixes to the operating system. Considering that no revolutionary changes are anticipated in the update, it raises the question: What specifically made you love Windows 11 and decide to make the transition?