Last Updated on 11.05.2023

Risks of Using Unlicensed Software

1. Legal and Administrative Liability

Using unlicensed software violates copyright laws, and the developer’s rights are protected, similar to a writer’s copyright. If violations are discovered, a company can face administrative or criminal charges, fines, and equipment confiscation.

2. Issues with Software Functionality

Unlicensed software copies may contain technical errors and viruses. Companies using such software will have to bear the responsibility of resolving any resulting issues, as unlicensed software lacks technical support from the developer. Additionally, legal updates and upgrades cannot be obtained legally.

3. Reputational Risks

Reputational risks are crucial in the business environment. If you use unlicensed software while positioning yourself as a reliable partner who always fulfills commitments, the disclosure of this fact can question your business reputation.

Advantages of Purchasing Licensed Software

1. Cost Savings

By purchasing the required software versions and licenses upfront, you can save significantly more compared to installing unlicensed software. In the event of an audit, penalties and the cost of acquiring new licenses would have to be paid.

2. Timeliness

Licensed software ensures access to up-to-date program versions and regular updates. For example, antivirus developers add new threat types to their databases daily, ensuring ongoing protection for their clients.

3. Software Support Guarantees

When purchasing licensed software, users receive guarantees of reliability and support from the software provider. Licensing fees contribute to the development, bug fixing, and enhancement of software solutions, as well as the provision of customer support when problems arise.


Before using unlicensed software, assess all the risks and potential losses. In most cases, the cost of a license is significantly lower than the expenses incurred due to issues arising from the use of unlicensed software. Additionally, it is essential to remember that in accordance with Russian law, companies bear legal responsibility for the use of unlicensed software.