A Leap Forward for Opera’s AI Journey

Aria’s Evolution with New Tools

Opera, the widely-used web browser, is set to give a significant upgrade to Aria, its in-browser Artificial Intelligence. Opera Software announced exciting tools that promise to unlock the full potential of this embedded AI.

Aria’s Deeper Integration into Opera’s Web Experience

Initially introduced months back, Aria is founded on the ChatGPT framework. Now, with the launch of these enhancements, Aria is set to experience an expansive array of capabilities.

Seamless User Experience with Refine Tool

To streamline user interactions with Aria, Opera developers integrated the ‘Refine’ tool. This feature lets users reuse or rephrase AI’s response effortlessly. Just select the desired segments and choose the refine option that overlays on the screen. The AI then automatically tailors the answer according to user preference without generating an entirely new response. For added user convenience, highlighted parts of Aria’s response can be color-coded for easy future reference.

Aria’s Advanced Writing Assistant: Composer Module

ChatGPT framework

Tailoring Aria’s Writing to Your Style

The ‘Composer’ is another significant addition to Aria’s features. By clicking on the pencil icon surrounded by stars, users can access Aria’s enhanced text composition module. Here, you can instruct Aria on the type of content needed – whether it’s a blog post, email, social media message, or more. Users can even set the tone of the content.

But that’s not all. For a truly personalized touch, Aria can now mimic your unique writing style. However, to harness this capability, a bit of effort is required. Users need to engage in a brief exercise of drafting several short texts on given topics, showcasing their distinct style. Aria then analyzes this to produce content as you would have penned it down.

Effortless Access to Aria

Accessing Aria is more intuitive than ever. Besides the dedicated button on the left panel, shortcuts have been introduced: Ctrl + / for Windows users and Cmd + / for those on macOS.


Opera’s commitment to advancing AI integration within their browser is evident with these latest updates to Aria. Users are set for a more interactive, personalized, and efficient browsing experience. As the world of in-browser AI continues to evolve, Opera remains at the forefront of this technological revolution.