Last Updated on 19.07.2023

Company Recommends Users to Transition to Windows 11

Software giant Microsoft has released the final update for the Windows 10 operating system version 21H2 and reminded users that support for this OS has ended as of June 13. This means that no more monthly updates with security enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes will be available.

Users still on Windows 10 21H2 are strongly advised to upgrade to the latest version, 22H2, as soon as possible to ensure the security and relevance of their systems.

Microsoft emphasized that support for Windows 10 will only continue until October 2025, therefore the company suggests transitioning directly to Windows 11.

Microsoft released Windows 10 21H2 alongside the initial release of Windows 11 in the fall of 2021. It is currently the most popular and stable version of Windows, with approximately 35% of users worldwide using it, according to data from AdDuplex as of early 2023.

Windows 10: End of Update Releases

Microsoft has been actively attempting to migrate users to the new operating system and previously announced that Windows 10 will no longer receive feature updates, only bug fixes and security patches. Full support for the system will end in 2025.

Meanwhile, Windows 11 continues to receive various exciting features. For example, the “Photos” application now includes a useful function that allows users to quickly remove defects or unwanted objects from photos in a matter of seconds. The company has also added system-level support for RAR archives, eliminating the need for users to install third-party applications like WinRAR for file extraction or compression.

Furthermore, Windows 12 is set to be released next year, focusing on artificial intelligence and optimizing both hardware and software. In terms of design, Windows 12 will have an even greater resemblance to macOS.