Adobe is poised to revolutionize video editing with its artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Firefly AI. The generative AI developed by Adobe will soon assist video editors in creating background music and sound effects. Firefly AI, unveiled last month, aims to enrich Adobe’s suite of tools, including the indispensable Photoshop, by generating images based on requests, retouching photos on demand, and creating custom typography. However, Adobe has no intention of stopping there and plans to leverage Firefly AI for video and audio editing.

Adobe Firefly: What’s New?

It’s important to note that Firefly AI won’t generate video sequences from scratch like it does with images. Integrated with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Firefly AI will focus exclusively on video editing.

With Firefly, users can easily change the color of a video simply by making a request. If you want a video shot under cloudy skies to be bathed in sunlight, just ask the AI. You can also request adjustments to brightness and saturation based on the time of day or season. With a few well-chosen words, you can alter the entire mood of a video without the need for manual tweaking. Similarly, Firefly AI can handle color correction to ensure consistency across clips from different sources.

Editors can also add soundtracks, sound effects, or visual elements like fonts and animated logos, all generated by artificial intelligence. Users need only provide a brief explanation of their vision. Additionally, Firefly has the capability to generate background music, which Adobe assures was trained on content that is royalty-free or freely licensed, offering a significant advantage to filmmakers and advertisers. Among the announced features is a storyboard generator that can create frame sequences from scratch based on a simple script, producing impressive results similar to image generation.

Streamlining the Editing Process

Adobe also aims to simplify the editing process with Firefly AI. The AI technology will analyze and transcribe all video content into text. The algorithm will then automatically arrange sequences in a logical order based on the text, streamlining the labor-intensive task of reorganizing video clips.

Revolutionizing Premiere Pro and After Effects

These new features, currently undergoing internal testing, will be added to the Firefly AI interface later this year. At present, access is limited to beta testers. To be among the first to test Firefly, users can join the waitlist on Adobe’s website. Naturally, video and audio capabilities will be integrated into Adobe’s editing software, Premiere Pro and After Effects, at a later stage. According to Ashley Still, Senior Vice President at Adobe, tools like Firefly will allow creative professionals to “focus on the art of creation, eliminating the arduous tasks that hinder the flow of ideas, content creation, and delivery.”