Rivatuner is one of the most widely used software tools for users of supported GPUs. It is a free program that lets you speed up your computer and keep an eye on your hardware.
However, what is RivaTuner precisely, what is it used for? and what are the features? Continue reading, to learn more about RivaTuner.

What is RivaTuner

RivaTuner is an open-source NVIDIA visual card overclocking and hardware debugging software. It was a groundbreaking program created by Alexey Nicolaychuk in 1997 that influenced the development of freeware graphics card overclocking and monitoring utilities that followed. It was a first-of-its-kind program that influenced (and in some cases was used to make) other freeware tools for overclocking and monitoring graphics cards.

It is compatible with NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) ranging from the Riva TNT to the GeForce 700 series, as well as ATI/AMD Radeon video cards ranging from the Radeon 8500 and higher.

What is RivaTuner used for?

RivaTuner is a feature-rich and adaptable NVIDIA GPU-based display adapter tweaking environment. It offers Direct3D or OpenGL driver-level and machine tuning options, as well as a modular profiling framework with per-application customisation, driver-level and low-level hardware access modes, and diagnostic and real-time hardware monitoring functions.

RivaTuner has an unequaled functionality set, thanks to an integrated registry editor and patch script driver. It is compatible with all NVIDIA display adapters, from the Riva TNT set to the most recent GeForce 7 series. In addition, the software offers the most extensive collection of NVIDIA drivers, ranging from the oldest Detonator 2.08 driver family to the most contemporary ForceWare drivers.

riva tuner statistics server

RivaTuner includes limited support for display adapters based on ATI RADEON 8500 and newer ATI graphics processors, in addition to complete NVIDIA hardware support. With the exception of driver-level tuning options, all of its capabilities are also available on supporting ATI hardware. Among users of compatible GPUs, this program is a popular overclocking software tool.

Features of RivaTuner

Rivatuner has many of the capabilities you’d anticipate from a video tuning tool, making it a fantastic addition for any gamer or anybody who depends on the performance of their GPU. RivaTuner is the go-to application for framerate monitoring, on-screen playback, and high-performance video capture service provider for most graphics card utilities if you play games or work in a field where your work computer demands a powerful GPU.

Some of RivaTuner’s features include:

  • supports multiple monitors.
  • registry editor built-in.
  • tool for overclocking.
  • NVIDIA and ATI Technologies hardware monitoring modules should be supported.
  • fan management.
  • supports the Logitech G15 LCD display.

RivaTuner is widely regarded as the most effective application for fine-tuning NVIDIA graphics processing unit-based display adapters. A system with numerous tuning options at the driver level and across multiple systems can be used. You most likely have access to a profiling system that can assist you in fine-tuning your preferences.

Access to hardware at both the driver and low levels is one of RivaTuner’s many features, as are several diagnostic, real-time monitoring, and power optimization utilities. It is also compatible with all NVIDIA graphics cards and can be used with a variety of plug-ins. Furthermore, RivaTuner’s detection algorithms have been greatly improved. It is just one of many changes made to make it more user-friendly.
What Exactly Is Rivatuner’s Statistics Server?

Rivatuner Statistics Server provides high-performance framerate monitoring, screen display, and video capture services for the vast majority of graphics card utilities. As a result, what exactly is scanline synchronization? What exactly is Scanline Sync? Scanline Sync, like FreeSync and G-Sync, aims to replace the V-Sync standard. However, FreeSync and G-Sync are both hardware-enabled features, whereas Scanline Sync is a software-enabled function.

How To Remove or Uninstall RivaTuner

Follow the procedures below in order to remove RivaTuner from your computer. If RivaTuner was installed as part of your computer’s software, this will uninstall it.

If the file is part of a software program, it will also include an uninstaller. The Uninstaller can then be found in a directory such as C:Program Files>null>RivaTuner Application >RivaTuner> RivaTuner.exe uninstall.exe.

If RivaTuner.exe was installed using the Windows Installer, uninstall it. Select the Add or Remove Programs option under System Settings.

Next, enter RivaTuner.exe, RivaTuner Application, or the developer’s name null into the search box.
Then, click it and choose Uninstall Program to delete the RivaTuner.exe file from your computer. The RivaTuner Application program and the file RivaTuner.exe will now be uninstalled from your computer.

How can I terminate the RivaTuner.exe process?

Many non-system processes can be terminated because they are not required for the operation of your operating system. To stop the rivatuner.exe process from running, uninstall the software associated with the file or, if it’s a virus or malware, eliminate it with a Malware and Virus removal tool.

Is RivaTuner.exe causing High Disk or CPU Usage?

You may find this by using the Task Manager application (right-click on the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager) and selecting the Disk option at the top to sort and determine the disk utilization of RivaTuner.exe. You can also locate the RivaTuner process and check the CPU usage percentage.

Why is rivatuner giving errors at me?

The majority of rivatuner difficulties are caused by the application running the process. The most reliable way to resolve these issues is to update or uninstall this application. As a result, please check the website for the most recent rivatuner update.

How to Check RivaTuner GPU Usage?

To examine the GPU use of RivaTuner. Open Task Manager and look for the RivaTuner.exe process in the name column, followed by the GPU use column.


Rivatuner has all of the capabilities you’d expect from a video tuning tool, making it an excellent addition for any gamer or anybody who relies on the performance of their GPU.

RivaTuner is the go-to tool for framerate monitoring, on-screen playback, and high-performance video capture service provider for most graphics card utilities if you’re a player or work in a field where your work computer requires a powerful GPU.

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